We Care About The Environment!

Like you, we're passionate about keeping those things that mean the most to us looking good.  From restoring vehicles to preserving the environment, we're proud to say we're doing our part and stepping up to the challenge.  That includes leading the way with a cleaner and greener collision repair center.

The Onyx HD™ waterborne basecoat system combines ease of use and durability with superb color matching. And it does all this while staying in compliance with today's most stringent VOC regulations.

Onyx HD enables you to reduce your basecoat solvent emissions by approximately 90 percent with the same high-quality finish you expect from R-M®.




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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We stand behind our work and offer a Lifetime Warranty!  We have some of the best seasoned professionals making sure that every detail is taken care of and ensuring that you have the best quality repairs money can buy.

Every care has been taken to assure that your repairs were accomplished using the latest techniques and materials.

We are committed to providing you with the very best of the best..No job is too big or too small to take to the Next Level!

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Since 1993

A Life Long Passion

With the passion for cars since childhood, Owner and Operator of Next Level Collision & Customs, Inc. Ricarlos Boykins has poured his heart and god given talent into providing you the absolute best he has to offer.  He personally takes part in the restoration of  your vehicle no matter how major or minor the job to ensure that you receive the "White Glove" treatment throughout the repair process

He has also put together a team of seasoned and professionally trained technicians that meet his high quality standards to ensure that your repairs are done right and in a timely manner the first time!

Next Level Collision & Customs, Inc is sure to be the wave of the future and become a household name in the Auto Repair/Restoration industry.

No job is too big or too small to take to the NEXT LEVEL!


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