This is what we do!!

2012 Toyota Camry - Front End Damage

This could be you...You're at a stop sign... you look both ways and you proceed to accelerate and have just been in accident and now your brand new Camry that isn't even a year old is wrecked.....What do I do now?

Let us take your tragedy and turn it into a triumph!!!


Custom Color Change and Rejuvination

2007 Lexus GS300

Sick of the color of your ride? Want to make a major change? Got a specific design in mind?

We not only take care of all your collision needs we customize your ride, keeping you in mind?

We use industry-leading technology that assures you a beautiful high-quality finish that meets OEM standards as well as our own.

We believe everyday should end with a beautiful finish.  Our ongoing commitment to a cleaner collision repair/custom paint center, friendlier products and advanced technology is something that will reflect well on both you and the environment for many years to come.

Customized Refinishing

2008 BMW 538i - Complete Refinish

Do you want to customize your ride...Summer will be here before you know it and we all want to ride in style in the process.

We took this ordinary, weathered BMW and took it to THE NEXT LEVEL....

We repaired the nicks, dents and scratches and returned it to a mirror finish of perfection...

A little color here and there and Voila! High Class on wheels!

Let us take your ride from dull to diamond shine!

Repair and Refinish With The BLACK OUT package

2013 BMW 535i

Imagine you're rolling down the highway...everything is going great until you see a crazy driver attempting to get in your lane and completely side swipes you off the road...After you get yourself together you realize that your beautiful luxury vehicle is in terrible shape!

Give us a call and set up your free estimate. We will return your car back to pre-accident condition if not better.  While your at it, throw in a customized BLACK OUT package and customize your ride